Jerry Baker
Bram grew up in the small town of Corbin, Kentucky, the real life film location for 23 Blast. Initially headed toward an athletic scholarship, it took an elective drama class to fuel a love of acting, inspiring a new future at Loyola University in Los Angeles. Studying under renown acting coach Michelle Danner, Bram soon landed a guest spot on General Hospital as well as a recurring role as Travis on Days of Our Lives. Soap opera exposure provided a casting opportunity for the web series California Heaven, where Bram soon found himself portraying lead character Dominic Corrigan. He continued in television with guest appearances on such shows as Dirt with Courtney Cox, Three Rivers on NBC, and the CW’s 90210. Balancing film and television, Bram secured roles in the films Buried Alive, The Next Race and 40 Hours as well as enjoying frequent advertising and print work in his spare time. Most recently, Bram’s commercial was selected as one of the coveted top 5 Doritos super bowl ads. In 23 Blast, as Jerry Baker, Bram was able to deliver a layered performance, balancing the complexity of a troubled teenager yet at the same time expose his vulnerability and compassion. Bram’s personal relationship with Jerry laid the groundwork for a clear understanding of how he wanted the audience to embrace the character and expose the Jerry that very few people knew. As co-writer of 23 Blast, Bram relied on first-hand experience as Travis Freeman’s real life teammate. “I was a freshmen when Travis was a senior. Freshmen are always in awe of seniors, but everyone watching Travis was in awe. The opposing teams never knew he was blind, so they were in totally disbelief when they found out.” When it became evident this was no ordinary story but one of great faith, Bram realized Travis’ message of hope and encouragement reached way beyond his accomplishments on the football field. For Bram, delivering that message became the motivation and driving force for writing the script.