Why PG-13?

While we originally anticipated a PG rating for 23 Blast, we honor the MPAA’s (Motion Pictures Association of America) decision to rate this film PG-13. We still believe strongly that 23 Blast is an appropriate film for families and people of all ages. There was considerable effort to edit the film, and even made a formal appeal to the MPAA in order to garner a PG rating, however in telling the story of Jerry, it was imperative to show how his drinking impacted his friendship with Travis, his spot on the team, and ultimately his trajectory in life.

The specific reason for why they rated 23 Blast PG-13 is not for strong language, sexual situations or excessive violence – of which 23 Blast has none. It’s for the depiction of underage drinking in one particular scene. Please watch the scene they’re referring to:

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been screening 23 Blast to audiences of all ages. Listen to what some of the parents had to say about the movie:

We hope you will still consider seeing 23 Blast with your family and friends in theaters on October 24. If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to us directly: info@oceanave.tv.